“(I asked) Renata about her feelings. As soon as I did she broke down in tears.”

“Renata explained that her mom had stopped wanting to bathe or socialize or go to the doctor, and that it was very difficult to see her that way. That was my opportunity to ask Renata about her feelings. As soon as I did she broke down in tears.” Maria, 86,...


“It was so different for somebody to be trying to help me, to reach out and say look, we’re going to help you.”

“I’ve put rows of seats in there, and played football there”, says Howard, 58, pointing up at the famous exterior of the Pasadena Rose Bowl. “I’ve had a long history with this place”. Which is perhaps why Howard was drawn back here when two years ago he fou...


“I liked this program, because it has helped me with community resources.” (“Me ha gustado este programa, porque me ha ayudado con servicios de la communicad.”)

Catalina*, 81, was referred to Partners HomeMeds Plus program following her admittance to Centinela Hospital for diarrhea and vomiting. Catalina has a number of chronic conditions including type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure and arthritis. A health c...


“I felt so stuck before. My health coach made me aware of a lot of services that I didn’t know existed.”

Helen*, 77, was referred to Partners in Care for a HomeMeds Plus medicine safety check and in-home assessment, following her discharge from the hospital for anemia. Helen lives alone, and has a history of falls and heart problems. She also uses an oxygen ta...