Care-A-Van Mobile Health Clinic

Since 1995, Care-A-Van has represented hope among people who often have minimal access to needed healthcare. We invite you to view this informative video:  

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Care-A-Van is a mobile medical clinic that after more than a decade of success under Partners in Care leadership has joined Antelope Valley Community Clinic where it will continue to provide vital healthcare services in the rapidly growing Antelope Valley region. The Care-A-Van delivers primary health care services to the uninsured and impoverished working families of the Antelope Valley and Eastern Kern County.  This joint venture of Partners in Care Foundation and Visiting Nurse Community Services with support from United Way, California Community Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Blue Shield of California Foundation, Avon Foundation, and other private charitable organizations has ensured access to medical care for thousands of children and adults who would not otherwise have it.   

Mary Svoboda RN

In America today, more than 40 million people lack health insurance (equatingto15% of the population). Four out of five of the uninsured in America are hard-working families with children. In the Antelope Valley and Eastern Kern County, many of these families live in poverty, without access to medical care, and without resources to pay for care.

Care-A-Van will continue to provide primary care to Antelope Valley and Eastern Kern County residents who live at 300% or below the federally determined poverty level –$60,000 (or below) per year for a family of four. Since its inception, Care-A-Van has served over 30,000 people. Without this mobile medical unit, thousands of children and adults in the Antelope Valley and Eastern Kern County would not have access to basic health care; care that keeps healthy children in school and allows adults to work to support their families.

"The mobile van takes care of people that no one else will take care of…I see them as part of the fabric of our country, but they remain invisible." stated Anita Horner, Clinical Director.

The mobility of this innovative clinic allows it to conveniently serve mutiple populations. The van provides primary care in areas of Eastern Kern County where care is not readily unavailable. Whenever possible, Care-A-Van helps to arrange specialty care for people who need it.

The van has internet service for clinicians to register children for CHDP Gateway when they come for physical examinations. Care-A-Van participates in several state programs which helps to significantly expand the scope of its service. Through California’s Cancer Detection Program Every Woman Counts, Care-A-Van provides cervical and breast cancer screenings.

The Community Outreach Educational Program, sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Los Angeles Womens’ Foundation, provides aggressive outreach and information about behaviors that increase the risk of cancer, promoting a healthier lifestyle. All adult patients are routinely screened for diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and anemia.

The demand for our primary care services continually increases at various clinic sites for the ever growing uninsured population. Care-A-Van must rely on a variety of sources to off-set the cost of uncovered care. However each year we increase the number of low-income uninsured individuals served and the current grants do not cover the cost of care. We welcome and greatly appreciate donations and sponsorships each year.

We also welcome volunteers!

Medical professionals who are willing to spend any amount of time providing patient education or staffing our clinic are ecnouraged to contact us.

Community volunteers and leaders like Dr. Canagaretnam Chandradas, a physician who volunteers one day a month, allow us to hold our popular clinic in Rosamond three times a month. Our office staff volunteers answer phones, make appointments, and assist with data entry, mailing, and filing.

To volunteer or to make an appointment, please call the Care-A-Van office at 661.942.9715


The baby was at his Care-A-Van appointment with his grandma for his one-year-old well-baby check up and vaccinations. The Nurse Practitioner noticed he wasn’t wriggling and playing like most one-year-olds. He seemed worn out by a harsh, frequent cough. Grandma said he had started coughing three to four days before and that the previous day he had developed a fever. No, he wasn’t eating well either. The focus of the visit changed. This baby appeared to be seriously ill. The Nurse Practitioner’s suspicion of pneumonia was validated by a low oxygen level, high fever, and fluid crackling in his lungs. He was brought to the hospital immediately, where he spent a few days in the pediatric ward. Fortunately, the Care-A-Van clinician had caught the disease early enough, and IV treatments of antibiotics and oxygen restored him.

Maria, a 45 year old mother, had a terrible infection, made worse by her uncontrolled diabetes. The huge, red, painful mass on the back of her neck prevented her holding her head upright. For two months she had lived with this infection, twice driving to Mexico for medical care, the only place she could afford it. The treatments hadn’t helped. When she came to the van, she received simple therapy, available in any walk-in urgent care clinic. After the wound was cleaned, drained and treated with an inexpensive antibiotic, healing was rapid. In addition, her diabetes was tested and treated with medication and education about her disease.

The Care-A-Van Staff

Anita Horner, MSN (Master of Science in Nursing),
Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Director of Care-A-Van

Richard Kling, M.D., Family Practice
Medical Director for Care-A-Van Mobile Clinic

Mary Svoboda, RN

Jose Naranjo, Driver and Registrar

Maria Altamirano, BS Health Science - Care-A-Van Special Programs Coordinator

Canagaretnam Chandradas, MD - Volunteer Physician

Lucy Fonseca, Billing, Administrative Assistant

Evelyn Briceno, Clinical Assistant

Contact Information

Anita Horner, MSN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Clinic Manager
For information:
   661.942.2391  ext. 306


Helpful Resources

Low Cost Medications

Patient Assistance Programs for receiving Medications

Childhood Immunization Schedule - English

Childhood Immunization Schedule - Spanish

California State Health Programs Toll Free Phone Numbers

Healthy Families

What’s new?

We administer two Immunization Clinics every month. Call for information. Call Care-A-Van Mobile Clinic

  • 2nd Friday at Lancaster WIC office
    44244 10th Street West, Lancaster
  • 4th Friday at Palmdale WIC office
    2247 East Palmdale Blvd., Palmdale

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Care-A-Van a program of the county or state health departments?

No, the Care-A-Van is a privately funded clinic.

Does the Care-A-Van charge for childhood immunizations?

No, the Care-A-Van provides free immunizations for all children 19 years and younger.

How can I be a patient at the Care-A-Van.

Call to determine your eligibility for Care-A-Van services and make an appointment.

Donate: To donate to Care-A-Van program and services, visit our online eContribution card

Contact Information

For information: Care-A-Van Mobile Clinic  661.942.9715