2018 Spring-Summer

2018 Spring – Summer

Partners in Care Foundation's Timely Tribute to Gov. Jerry Brown’s Executive Secretary, Diana S. Dooley, and C. Duane Dauner

Diana S. Dooley was guest of honor at the Partners in Care Foundation’s 19th Annual Tribute Dinner, where she received the 2018 Award for Vision and Excellence in Healthcare Leadership. Responsible for leading the Affordable Care Act in California, Secretary Dooley rolled-out the program with bipartisan cooperation. With extensive experience as a government analyst, attorney, and healthcare executive, Secretary Dooley is a recognized leader on a state and national level.

Also recognized at the event was C. Duane Dauner, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award, for a long and notable career devoted to statewide representation of, and advocacy for, California’s hospitals.

The Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom overflowed on June 4th with senior executives and representatives from throughout California’s healthcare industry, all of whom were there to demonstrate their respect for Secretary Dooley, Dauner, and the Partners in Care Foundation.

Secretary Dooley, who most recently served as California’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, has been significant in California’s evolving healthcare arena. In discussing its future direction, she observed “I think the market is going to drive change.”

She continued, “the fundamental responsibility of government is to protect the health and welfare of its citizens and to encourage innovation, but not allow the market to do whatever it pleases without oversight.”

Dauner, who has also been a major contributor to California’s healthcare environment, noted that he sees “community-based organizations like Partners playing a greater and greater role because voluntarism and the need for community-based services to manage social determinants of health fit into today’s unique environment.”

In her opening remarks to the evening’s guests, Partners’ CEO and President June Simmons recognized that in addition to the evening’s guests of honor, it was everyone in the room working together as partners that made for a successful healthcare system.

In closing, she shared that “Partners in Care created this event to shine a light on this kind of magnificent ability to lead positive change – and Partners was founded to work boldly in that mold, to craft major change in partnership with key leaders – to build a great approach to health and healthcare.”

More photos from the 2018 Vision & Excellence Tribute Dinner can be seen online. Read more from the 2018 Honorees on our website:

Pictured from Left to Right: Partners in Care Foundation President and CEO, June Simmons; Special Guest Kathleen Brown; Lifetime Award Honoree C. Duane Dauner; Partners in Care Foundation Board Chair, Marta Fernandez; Vision & Excellence in Healthcare Leadership Honoree, Secretary Diana Dooley; and Special Guest George Halverson

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Our Breakthrough Work in Health Self-Management Dramatically Expanded by Government and Private Grants

Each day we help frail and disabled adults overcome the health challenges they experience from chronic diseases and dangerous falls at home. Last year, the U.S. Administration for Community Living (ACL) awarded us two federal grants to support expanding capacity for health-self management workshops across California. By increasing their confidence and skills, adults learn how to adopt new behaviors to achieve better health through our engaging health promoting workshops.

The grant funding enables us and partner agencies to provide face-to-face, evidence-based self-management programs to help workshop participants across California reduce serious risks related to falling, diabetes, and chronic pain—especially in areas with specifically high incidences of preventable suffering from these issues.

According to Senior Director of Health Self-Management Services Dianne Davis, “Participants regularly express how our programs help in many ways. They frequently tell us that we’ve shown them how to take back control over their chronic conditions instead of just reacting to symptoms of disease.”

These workshops deliver world-class evidence-based tools to participants boosting their ability to self-manage their diseases and conditions—diabetes, chronic pain, or fear of falling. The ACL funding helps us train and license other organizations to offer highly informative programs that work. One vital link to making the workshops successful is helping participants grasp the concept of making healthy food choices.

This year, Change a Life Foundation made a big-hearted contribution that enhances the self-management client learning experience. The Change a Life Foundation grant enables us to partner the workshops with added programming by Kitchen Divas, an organization that offers in-depth classes on healthy culinary arts.

“Our Kitchen Divas program is about fun, food and family, our chefs shop locally picking in-season fruits and veggies, to make sure our participants can find the foods and are able to afford the ingredients utilized in the workshops, said Janette Robinson Flint, Executive Director of Black Women for Wellness. “We engage participants to build on their knowledge to impact not only the individual’s health but our families and communities. Health education, especially around food, cannot happen in a vacuum. Try banning peach cobbler from a family reunion, and you may find yourself on the outs. Our workshops give participants options to stay connected and improve health through food.”

Generous funding from the ACL and contributions from our partners, such as Change a Life Foundation, makes it possible for us to continue to offer programs that empower people, through a very enhanced, integrated experience, to better self-manage their chronic disease, avoid unnecessary falls, and cook healthy with confidence.

Learn more about Diabetes and Chronic Disease Pain Management and Adult Falls Prevention Outreach grants.

Pictured Kitchen Divas conducting a food preparation and cooking demonstration at a Partners in Care workshop.

Partners Pilots Workplace Chronic Disease Education at Deloitte

The Self-Management Resource Center recently gave us the green light to test a new, workplace-friendly version of their Chronic Disease education program. We were one of only twelve approved sites across the nation. The innovative approach replaces the two and a half hours six-week learning sessions with one-hour sessions two times per week for six weeks.

This new workshop design offers employers what better health brings: potential benefits of reduced absenteeism and lower healthcare costs. According to the twelve Deloitte participants, it’s of great benefit to employees.

“I like that it covered a variety of issues—time management to help with stress, improved communication, healthy eating—not just medical, but life and home issues.”

W .M. Keck Foundation Grant to Fund Pilot to Integrate Community-Based Services with Healthcare

The W. M. Keck Foundation recently awarded Partners in Care Foundation a $250,000 grant to pilot new collaborative chronic care management models for integrating community-based social services with healthcare.

This two-year grant will enable Partners to demonstrate the feasibility of sharing revenue between health care and social service providers in ways that benefit patients, healthcare providers and payers and community-based organizations (CBOs). Partners will create a toolkit for physicians and CBOs nationwide as we work through sharing reimbursement and changing workflows. Additionally, this project will enable Partners to build on existing partnerships with healthcare entities to provide much-needed inter-sector care coordination to a high-risk group of Medicare and Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

Karen Schneider, Partners’ vice president of Development, explained, “This pilot is critically important. Physicians will be better informed about their patients’ needs and provide care in the context of what happens at home. It also will provide patients with access to new supports to improve their own health through better nutrition, medication management, caregiver support, transportation and other services.”

Based in Los Angeles, the W. M. Keck Foundation was established in 1954 by the late W. M. Keck, founder of the Superior Oil Company. The Foundation’s grant making is focused primarily on pioneering efforts in the areas of medical, science and engineering research. The Foundation also maintains an undergraduate education program and a Southern California grant program that provides support for the Los Angeles community in the areas of health care, civic and community services, education and the arts.

Partners Spotlight

Pictured Left to Right: June Simmons and Anwar Zoueihid

Partners in Care Foundation attends 2018 America’s Physician Group (formerly CAPG) Conference. June Simmons, President and CEO, and Anwar Zoueihid, Vice President Partners in Care Foundation. APG and Partners are working together to connect people with better outcomes between medical care and social determinants of social behavioral determinants of health.

Pictured Anwar Zoueihid

Vice President of Health Services, Anwar Zoueihid, was selected to participate in the sixth cohort of the Practice Change Leaders program. Zoueihid was one of only 10 leaders chosen to participate in the prestigious program, aimed at building leadership capacity among professionals who have a key role in a health care delivery organization, health-related institution, or community-based organization with direct responsibility for care that impacts older adults.

Pictured left to Right : Bryan Huerta, Program Assistant; Annette Rodriguez, Nurse Care Manager; Maricarmen Zavala, Social Work Care Manager; Guadalupe Delgadillo, Social Work Care Manager; Armando Rivera, Director, MSSP Santa Barbara

We could not be prouder of our MSSP staff and the excellent, caring attention and support they provided to their frail clients at risk during the Thomas Fire. Partners’ Board of Directors honors their heroism in assuring their frail older adults alone at home were safe, had essentials to survive. Phones and other communication systems were down and it was vital to assure their safety and address risks of isolation during this extended crisis.

Our Strategic Partners

24Hr HomeCare
AppleCare Medical Group
Blue Shield of California
California Health & Wellness
Care 1st Health Plan
Department of Health Care Services
Health Net
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
LA Care Health Plan
Molina Healthcare
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About America’s Physician Groups Colloquium 2018

The Essentials of Value-Based Care, October 10-12 in Washington, DC, is designed to help you and your physician group gain the practical knowledge necessary to navigate the complex, value-based healthcare landscape. You’ll hear from policy experts, leaders in the public sector and successful physicians and health plan executives and make valuable networking connections.

Featured sessions will include Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney and the first U.S. Chief Technology Officer under former President Obama; Paige Winfield Cunningham, Reporter, The Washington Post; Kavita Patel, MD, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; and Michael F. Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute. Learn more and and register on the Colloquium website by clicking the button below.

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