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Empowering Patients To Take Control Of Their Health

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It's International: A Revolution in Public Health Policy

The fastest growing demographic in the world is 65 plus, and chronic illness is the major driver of rising global health care costs. Maximizing each individual’s role in managing their health appropriately is emerging as the single most powerful strategy for controlling health care expenditures. That’s what community wellness education is all about – equipping people who have multiple chronic conditions with techniques to stabilize and actually improve their health. Choosing the most nutritious foods, exercising appropriately, minimizing symptoms and building relationships with others who face similar life challenges are some of the strategies for better living learned in community wellness workshops.

Countries on every continent are incorporating self-management education into their health care systems. Switzerland and Denmark lead the way in European implementation, with the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland and many more following suit. In Latin America and South America, Spanish-language versions of these programs are in wide use. Canada has nationalized their effort, while China and other Asian countries, South Africa and even Saudi Arabia are relying on chronic disease self-management education to reign in health care costs.

In the US: A health care reform movement with momentum

According to data from the National Council on Aging (NCOA) roughly 91% of older adults have a least one chronic condition and 73% have at least two. Chronic conditions not only reduce quality of life, they also place a serious financial burden on individuals and health care systems.

Health care reform has realigned professional medical and community-based services in a cooperative orientation toward the triple aim of better coordinated care and better health outcomes at lower cost. A shift in emphasis from catastrophic care to preventative care has made evidence-based community wellness programs essential to reform success. These workshops empower individuals to learn more about their conditions, control their symptoms and generally take a more active role in their health care.

Partners in Care Foundation has been a leader in the implementation and spread of evidence-based community wellness education at the national, state and local level.

In California: Partners' Technical Assistance Leadership

We serve as the Technical Assistance Center for implementation and expansion of evidence-based community wellness programs across California, facilitating seamless coordination between state agencies, counties and community-based organizations. This includes providing administrative support to the California Healthier Living Coalition, technical assistance, and consulting to evidence-based program providers. The calls cover participant recruiting strategies, workshop best practices, problem solving, data collection, and success stories. We also provide evidence-based program leader training, maintain databases of Master Trainers and workshop leaders, statewide coordination of training sessions, data collection, and data analysis for programs offered across the state.

At the helm of the California Healthier Living Coalition
The map shows just how widely available we’ve made the Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) programs across our state. Working with the California Department of Aging and the California Department of Public Health, our coalition provided workshops in half of all California counties over the last two years, and technical assistance and license coverage is available in all areas of the State.

In Los Angeles County: A regional strategic alliance

The Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health and Aging was co-founded by the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging, County of Los Angeles Community & Senior Services, the County of Los Angeles Public Health Office of Women’s Health, and Partners, to expand the reach of effective evidence-based community health interventions for people with chronic conditions across L.A. County. Leaders from health care, academia, the non-profit service sector and public agencies have come together to capitalize on opportunities to align, leverage resources, share best practices and increase participation in these life-changing programs, especially among seniors, people with disabilities, limited and non-English speakers, veterans and Native Americans.

For more information, please contact Dianne Davis at / 818 837 3775 x 116.

The bottom line: A wealth of workshops for your patients’ better health

Our workshops are broken down into three types: Physical Activity & Fall Preventions Programs, including A Matter of Balance and the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, Community Wellness Programs, including Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and Diabetes Self-Management Program, and Caregiver Support & Memory Programs.

You can read descriptions of each workshop we offer below. Further information and a searchable database of workshops by county is available at California Healthier Living. For more information on contracting with us to deliver community wellness programs, please contact Dianne Davis at / 818 837 3775 x 116.

Community Wellness Programs

Healthier Living (Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program/CDSMP)

Healthier Living is a program developed for people with chronic health conditions. Participants will develop practical skills for living a healthy life and managing their chronic conditions. The workshop provides support for normal daily activities and dealing with the emotions created by chronic conditions. It also addresses topics such as problem solving, nutritious eating, relaxation techniques and how to communicate effectively with family, friends, and health professionals. Results include improved health status, increase in exercise, reduction in pain and proper utilization of the health care system.

Tomando Control de su Salud
Tomando Control de su Salud is the Spanish language, culturally appropriate version of the Healthier Living /Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. Participants learn to self-manage their chronic conditions using similar tools as the English version to obtain the same health outcomes.

Diabetes Self-Management Program
Patients with type 2 diabetes learn to take charge and control their diabetes, understand and deal with emotions, manage medications, make weekly action plans for exercise and healthy eating and how to communicate effectively with family, friends, and health professionals. The evidence-based workshop is led by trained peer leaders in familiar community venues and designed to empower participants through a mutually supportive and interactive education process.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program
This program was developed for people who have a primary or secondary diagnosis of chronic pain to assist them with developing new coping skills. In research results from this highly participative, evidence-based workshop, patients report that they have more energy, experience less pain and depend less on others. They also enjoy improved mental health, more satisfaction with their lives and more involvement in everyday activities compared to people who have not taken the workshop.

Physical Activity / Fall Prevention Programs

A Matter of Balance
A Matter of Balance is a program for people who have fallen in the past, have a risk of falling and who may be reducing their activities due to a fear of falling. Participants learn to change their environment to reduce fall risk factors, to view falls and the fear of falling as controllable, set realistic goals to increase activity and exercise to increase strength and balance.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program offers low-impact exercises and gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion, and to help maintain muscle strength. Developed specifically for people with arthritis, the program is also beneficial to those without arthritis. Different classes are available to fit each individuals’ fitness level with exercises done while sitting, standing or on the floor.

Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease Program
The Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease program was developed to help individuals create and implement a walking plan to meet their particular needs. This program encourages participants allowing them to stay motivated, manage their pain and learn to exercise safely to keep muscles strong and joints stable. The program helps boost participant energy, reduce stress and control weight.

Caregiving / Memory Programs

Powerful Tools for Caregivers
Powerful Tools for Caregivers is an education program focusing on the needs of the caregiver. Family or friends caring for a loved one develop self-care tools to help them manage and reduce stress, communicate their needs to family members and healthcare providers, deal with difficult emotions, and make tough caregiving decisions. This workshop series has been shown to significantly improve the caregiver’s emotional state, including reduced anger, guilt and depression.

Savvy Caregiver
Savvy Caregiver is a workshop series focusing on the needs of a caregiver for a relative or friend with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. The program trains the caregiver for the unfamiliar role they face in caring for their loved one. The program centers on helping caregivers think about their situation objectively and providing them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to manage stress and fulfill the caregiving role effectively.

UCLA Memory Training
The UCLA Memory Training is an innovative educational program for people with age-related memory concerns. In small groups, participants engage in memory quizzes and skill-building exercises through a combination of presentations with group discussions. This program focuses on teaching new skills in a low stress, fun environment.

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