Benefits of a Transitions Coach Home Visit


Transitions Coaching – how can we help you?

Did you meet one of our Transitions Coaches while you were in the hospital, or did your health plan or doctor tell you that it would be a good idea to see a Transitions Coach? If so, you may be wondering what a Transitions Coach is, and what they can do to help you.

What is a Transitions Coach?

A Transitions Coach is a person who is trained to help you get the most out of the health care system, and community programs and services. They understand how hard it can be to manage doctor appointments, remember which medications to take, or just do simple tasks when you’re feeling less than your best. Your Transitions Coach can help you in the transition from hospital to home. And they can help lower your chances of going back to the hospital.

How Can My Transitions Coach Help Me Stay Out of Hospital?

There are many programs and services available to help you stay out of the hospital and living independently at home that even your doctors do not know about. Your Transitions Coach does.

  • Do you have trouble keeping track of your medications?
  • Is it hard to remember which doctor you need to see and when?
  • Is it hard for you to get to your doctor appointments?
  • Do you need a doctor but don’t know how to find one?
  • Do you need help with household chores?
  • Do you need information on services available in the community?
  • Or is it hard for you to find healthy food?

Your Transitions Coach can help guide you on how to manage your health and get the services and support you need.

What Kind of Services and Supports Can My Transitions Coach Help Me With?

Here are some of the many things your Transitions Coach can do to help you.

  • They will check to see that you’ve made an appointment with your doctor, and help you to make one if you haven’t been able to.
  • They will take a look at your medications and give you a special booklet that will help you keep track of them.
  • They will show you how this booklet can be used to keep track of your doctor or other appointments.
  • If preparing food is a problem, they’ll help you set up meal delivery at home.
  • If getting to your doctor appointments is hard, they’ll help you set up transportation for you.
  • If you are have problems doing household chores, or you struggle to bathe, they’ll help you access caregiver services.

And they will help you set up goals that will keep you out of the hospital and better able to manage your health.

Your Transitions Coach is there for one reason - to help you stay healthy and out of the hospital!

A Transitions Coach does not judge you or your home. They do not care how you dress or what your home looks like, as long as you are comfortable and your home is safe for you to move around and live in. If it’s not, they can help with that too.


Do you have questions about a Transitions Coach home visit? Please get in touch with Ester Sefilyan at 818 837 3775 x 106 /

Lives Changed

“The medication cost was too high. My Transitions Coach helped me fix that.”

After being released from hospital, Wayne was prescribed medication for his condition. The problem was that the medication had a co-pay of $120, too much for Wayne and his wife to pay on their fixed income. Wayne’s Transitions Coach advised him to contact his doctor and request medication with a lower co-pay. Wayne and his wife were surprised to learn that this was an option. They called the doctor who prescribed Wayne a different medication with a co-pay of only $20. When the Transitions Coach called back to see how Wayne was doing, his wife informed the Coach that he had recovered so much he had been able to return to work.

“My mother couldn’t get to her doctor appointments. Her Transitions Coach found a solution.”

Maria’s mom was released from hospital following treatment for an infection on her leg caused by a dog bite. Her mom was also showing signs of memory problems that made it difficult for her to get to doctor appointment’s without assistance. Unfortunately, Maria’s full-time job meant that she didn’t have the flexibility to be able to drive her. Her mom’s Transitions Coach was able to help by contacting ACCESS transportation services. Now Maria’s mom can get to her doctor without Maria having to worry.

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